The Australian Census: Occupational Key Words

The Australian Census survey on 10 August is a great way to improve our visibility as a professional group. Here is our chance to give the Australian Government number crunchers some useable data that will help us and them.
The OCCUPATION field is NOT asking for the exact title used in your workplace.
To provide consistent, usable data, please include the following key words:


This label applies to all of us working in the 5 Cardiac Physiology modalities; ECG, Cath Lab, Devices, EP and Echo. PiCSA is working to support and represent all Cardiac Physiologists.
  •  Do NOT use the words “Scientist”, “Technician” or “Technologist” in place of “Physiologist”
  • For the purposes of this Australian Census, it is not necessary to list the specific cardiac modality, unless you perform cardiac ultrasounds.


  • If you perform cardiac ultrasound, please also include the key word “SONOGRAPHER” (as recommended by the Australian Association).
  • Do NOT use ‘ultrasound technician’ or ‘ultrasonographer’
  • PiCSA agrees with ASA – it is important that all professionals who use ultrasound are recognised in this Australian Census to increase the Government’s awareness and understanding of sonography as a whole. #SupportingSonographers


The order of these key words does not matter, and you are free to add any additional words if you choose.
For example, you might choose to write: “Cardiac Physiologist – Cardiac Sonographer”, or “Cardiac Physiologist- admin”.